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Jan 22, 2019

Managing your finances, as well as your life is for some people a real challenge, in this episode, Irvin talks about how your life evolves as he speaks with Alan Krantz, who is a full-time musician and teacher. He also talks about his investment philosophy and how to reinvest dividends.



Alan's background - 0:45
Alan tells us who he is - 3:50
You have to spend less than you make - 4:00
How to think about investing - 4:45
Saving money before you pay your bills - 6:52
When he started guitar lessons - 7:53
No matter what, you have to start saving money - 8:54
Alan tells us what he decided when he retired - 11:30
Why long term investment is the key - 15:19
Alan recommends to not lose money - 15:54
A blessing that he learned from his father - 21:12
You can be what you want to be - 29:05


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