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Mar 13, 2019

Irvin and Andrew share how we are uplifted by the people around us. From your spouse or partner to multi-talented professionals, Irvin recommends the “team players” we should surround ourselves with to achieve success and how to find them.


  • Think about wealth creation as a team sport - 2:10
  • First, think about your spouse or partner - 2:30
  • Couples fight about money more than anything else - 3:00
  • Have a monthly money meeting with your partner - 3:40
  • How do you find a team to help you create wealth? - 4:20
  • Find professionals who are talented in areas you are not - 4:50
  • How do we avoid silly fights about money with our partner? - 5:00
  • Who are these professionals you should be surrounded by? - 6:10
  • How to evaluate the advisor you have found? - 8:15
  • Ask about their skill set, and most importantly, how they can help the family - 9:57
  • Ask the hard questions, they should know how to answer them! - 10:50
  • After listening to this, what should be my next step? - 11:20
  • Bring these pros to your life + start saving! - 12:40

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