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May 1, 2019

Having wealth throughout our life brings in so many benefits to our everyday living. Today, Irvin and Andrew dig into why it is so hard for some people to create a financial plan that builds wealth and what are some of the perks we face when trying to accomplish this. Also, stay tuned until the very end to get to listen to Irvin’s TOP 8 recommendations to overcome this difficulty.



  • People don't know the basics of creating wealth - 00:33
  • The flexibility and safety that wealth gives us - 00:54
  • Why putting all your money in the bank is NOT the smartest decision - 1:20
  • The first step you should take to create wealth - 3:32
  • Maxing out retirement accounts - 6:10
  • An appropriate emergency fund to have - 7:30
  • What to do after you have set up an emergency fund - 9:10
  • The best time to change our asset allocation - 11:20
  • Inflation's role when planning for retirement - 14:50
  • When is a good time to get a pro to manage your investments - 16:35
  • Irvin’s TOP 8 tips to building wealth - 19:10


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