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Feb 28, 2020

Chris and Andrew discuss the record number of 401K millionaires observed in Fidelity's 2019 retirement plan study as well as uncover the startling facts about the baby boomer generation being underfunded for retirement. They further talk about the steps needed to reverse this perilous situation that can help investors bolster their savings from retirement. Finally, Chris and Andrew take an in-depth look on "buying the dip" vs dollar-cost averaging into the stock market. Stay tuned and enjoy!


  • An article about 401K millionaires - 0:33
  • Retirement accounts with a million dollars in each one - 1:16
  • Using the 401K plans - 3:33
  • Good news - 4:36
  • Working with clients to provide them comfort and confidence - 6:13
  • The importance of saving more - 9:12
  • It's a good opportunity to buy stocks - 11:42
  • The value of anticipating your pitfalls - 16:15


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