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Mar 11, 2019

Irvin is joined by Andrew Randisi to discuss a concern many of his clients today have: our kids feel like they are entitled to everything! In today’s episode, Irvin explains why many young adults have a different perspective compared to other generations when it comes to saving, starting their own career and what it means to be successful in life.



  • “I don’t need that much stuff, I’ll just enjoy the experience” - 1:20
  • Irvin digs into why many youngsters start an academic career but don't finish it on time - 2:10
  • Why some “kids” seem to have no value for hard work - 3:00
  • Irvin recommends having this conversation with the entire family and demonstrate the hard work in your everyday lives - 4:00
  • How to light a fire in these youngsters so they get out of their comfort zone and start their professional lives - 4:40
  • As a parent, show your kids the benefits of compounding - 6:10
  • Some people only start saving on their 30’s or 40’s! - 6:50
  • Make saving a priority - 7:30
  • At the dinner table, have conversations about the world. Give them that doses of reality - 8:00

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