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Dec 6, 2019

Irvin Schorsch is the founder and CEO of Pennsylvania Capital Management. Today's episode is about why Irvin started this company in 1995. He explains how he helps people fix the parts of their financial lives that weren't working well. Irvin also tells us that he has to get to know those clients and take each one through a series of evaluations and then develop processes so that as life-changing events come into their lives, they know how to deal with them. If you want to know more, stay tuned until the end and enjoy this episode!


  • Helping clients with their life-changing events - 0:36
  • How Irvin helps his clients - 1:04
  • What kind of life-changing events he experiences with clients - 1:41
  • Paying Uncle Sam's taxes? - 3:41
  • A client's story - 4:28
  • Using income to fix the family issues - 5:00
  • An example of one life-changing event - 7:07
  • The type of activity that Irvin does for his clients - 8:46

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