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Jul 8, 2019

The reality is that there are many ways that scammers and thieves will try to get what's not theirs. In the old days, it was pirates, pickpockets, thieves, and thugs. Today, these villains work behind the scenes, behind the screens to figure out a way to scan their victims out of money. When it comes to our finances, what should we be on the lookout to prevent financial fraud?


  • The steps one can do to prevent financial fraud  - 0:56
  • Irvin’s experience in serving clients when it comes to financial frauds - 2:01
  • Irvin’s takeaways when the numbers get big in financial fraud - 03:12
  • The most onerous experience advising clients when it comes to financial fraud - 4:22
  • A few steps for our listeners to take if financial fraud hits you - 05:47


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