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Jul 12, 2019

Everyone knows it takes a lot of money to raise a child. On today’s episode, you’ll learn how you protect your wealth, take care of your family as well as teach your children about the responsibilities of life.



  • It takes a lot of money to raise a child - 0:34
  • Spending hours to raise a child - 0:55
  • Teach your kid about responsibilities in life - 1:14
  • Strategies about boomerang children - 2:08
  • How parents should rethink their role when their kids are growing - 4:27
  • Talking about Reinvent Rich Book - 5:13
  • Navigating life for themselves at boomerang children - 6:20
  • Teaching your children to be independent - 6:45
  • Spend time with your kids - 7:16


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