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Jan 17, 2019

Providing a future for you and your family. On this episode of the Reinvent Rich Podcast, Irvin talks with Chad Johnson who is a strategic coach that works in Chicago and has eleven children. Join us as we listen to Chad's story of how he manages to raise a family and create a future for himself.


Raising eleven kids - 1:03
The challenges of parenthood - 2:07
One child takes all your time - 2:50
Building leaders - 3:33
A great family has great teamwork mentality - 4:07
Proper values - 5:07
Discovering their unique abilities - 6:21
Raising children with a mindset mentality - 10:13
Doing household chores for extra money - 12:48
Dan’s strategic coach concept - 15:13
Chad's five priorities in life - 20:33
Creating a family model -23:28
The joys and the challenges - 25:21
Thinking outside the box - 26:58


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